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Tie Domi ordered to pay back $90,000 in loans

Tie Domi

You know how sometimes you sign your name to documents you don’t read as closely as you probably should? (And if you don’t ever do that, congratulations, you’re very responsible.)

According to the National Post, former NHL player Tie Domi claimed in Ontario Superior Court that he was misled into signing documents that unwittingly made him personally responsible for a Royal Bank of Canada loan to his company.

Domi’s excuse? The bank didn’t even give him time to read the paperwork. They just told him to sign here, here, here, initial here, full signature here, initial here, and here’s your money.

So when the bank asked Domi to pay back $90,312.09 in outstanding debts, he argued he wasn’t personally responsible for them.

Unfortunately for the ex-enforcer, the judge didn’t buy his argument and he was ordered to pay the money back.