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Yup, there are fans protesting the lockout in New York City

lockout fan protest

With fans on the verge of dealing with the third NHL lockout since 1994, some are just about fed up. Case in point, the group of fans outside the NHL Store in Manhattan located near the league’s headquarters.’s Tim Panaccio snapped a couple pictures of Rangers and Devils fans living harmoniously together on the streets of New York united against the league shutting its doors once again. One fan in particular isn’t too pleased with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s record when it comes to labor unrest.

While the protest was small in number of those participating, it shows that some fans are tired of going through this routine every few years. This likely won’t be the last time we hear of something like this going down.

If anything it reaffirms what Bettman said weeks ago about the game being able to bounce back after the 2004-05 lockout because, “we have the greatest fans in the world.” When fans stop voicing their displeasure, that’s when the league has to start worrying.