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A courtroom will overshadow everything on the court Tuesday

The most important college basketball story of Tuesday won’t have anything to do with games on the court.

It’s all about a courtroom in Pasadena.

That’s where the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals will be asked to uphold a judge’s decision that the NCAA and EA Sports owe thousands of former players millions of dollars for using their images in various video games. Ex-UCLA hoops star Ed O’Bannon and former ASU and Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller are just two of the athletes involved in the suit which could completely change the relationship between the NCAA and its athletes.

This AP story details everything at stake, including how the suit could affect several First Amendment issues and Hollywood’s livelihood.

“The goal wasn’t for it to get so big,” Keller told the AP. “The goal was to change what’s going on in college sports, to change the behavior of the NCAA.”

However, the court’s ruling probably won’t mark the end of the suit. If it’s upheld, expect the Supreme Court to get involved at some point. But Tuesday will mark a significant day for NCAA athletes regardless of the outcome.

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