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All-League awards never an easy call -- as the CAA shows


Mike Miller

When it comes to selecting all-league, all-american, all-world teams, there are usually a few easy choices (See: Thomas Robinson, Anthony Davis), but filling out the last few spots on various teams can be difficult.

Take the CAA.

Michael Litos, who runs CAA Hoops, blogged yesterday about his picks for player of the year, all-league team, coach of the year, etc. (He writes about where’s he’s leaning here.) But he’s struggling with whom to include and where.

Here’s his thought process:

I can argue, without blushing, that Hofstra (Mike Moore, Nat Lester) has as many players in the top 10 in the league as Drexel and Mason combined (Frantz Massenat, Ryan Pearson). Delaware is tied with Georgia State. The Hens have two players nestled on the first team cut line (Jamelle Hagins, Devon Saddler) and the Panthers may not have anyone in the top 15 players.

That’s weird, isn’t it? But it goes deeper.

The third best big man in the conference (behind Hagins and Keith Rendleman) may be Towson’s Robert Nwankwo. Or Juvonte Reddic, who started slowly but is coming on fast. Or Chris Cooper, who is a beast defensively but not offensively gifted. Nwankwo and Cooper average a double-double of the 11/11 variety, and Reddic is a highly-effective and efficient 50% shooter.

What do you do with VCUs Briante Weber, who most assuredly won’t make all freshman team but likely makes all defensive team? That’s, uh, weird.

Yes, these are #sportswriterproblems, but they’re the kinds of things writers get crucified over by fans. (And yes, crucified is a strong word. But fans feel really strongly about these things.) Thus, the stress. Thus, the need to get things correct. Or as correct as possible.

In the next few days, I’ll start arguing with Rob Dauster about our picks for PoY, CoY, etc., etc. And we’ll be doing the same thing.

Here’s me hoping that the next 10 days or so creates some separation between the elite players and the really good.

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