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Best bet to reach the Final Four? Kansas, not Ohio St.

You’ve read the Sweet 16 primer and glanced at the times and announcers for the Thursday and Friday gaames.

How about some odds for those games?

According to the latest log5 odds from Ken Pomeroy, only three of the remaining 16 teams, three (Kansas, Ohio State and Duke) have a better than 50 percent chance of reaching the Final Four, while another (Wisconsin) close to that.

Kansas, because of the remaining seeds in the double-digit seeds in its region and relatively tougher teams in the other three regions, now has the best chance to reach Houston at 66.3 percent. (For what it’s worth, Nate Silver places those odds slightly higher.) Ohio State’s at 62, Duke is 56.5.

The longest odds to reach the Final Four? Arizona at 5.3 percent, slightly ahead of Butler at 6 percent and Marquette at 6.3 percent.

Make no mistake, it’s about the remaining matchups. Kansas has a better chance to reach the Final Four, but according to those odds, the Buckeyes remain the best bet to win it all.

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