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Cleveland State assistant sounds off about calls in loss to Kentucky


Cleveland State assistant coach Jermaine Kimbrough was not happy about the way that his team’s loss to Kentucky ended last night, so he took to twitter to let out his frustrations.

The Vikings were on the wrong end of a couple of calls down the stretch, and Kimbrough believes that is the reason that his team lost. He later deleted the tweets and his twitter account as a whole, but in this day and age, nothing is gone from the internet forever:


Here’s the thing: Kimbrough has got a point. Kentucky shot 11 free throws in the final seven minutes and had one of their best players foul out with two minutes left. They were on the wrong end of a couple tough calls, and I can tell you that the Kimbrough is certainly not the only person that think the Vikings got jobbed. Those late whistles helped a 24-7 Kentucky run to close the game.

That said, you can’t take to twitter to vent frustrations about the refs. It looks unprofessional and immature. It’s the kind of thing that were get a player scolded and earn him quite a few suicides in practice the next day. When it comes from a coach, the discipline could end up being worse.

You want to know how to handle a night full of tough calls? Like Gary Waters , Cleveland State’s head coach, did. “You don’t want to get into that comment,” he said when asked about calls that didn’t go his way.

It’s OK to be ticked about bad calls and it’s a good thing that a coach is upset about a loss. It means he care. Just, you know, don’t tweet about it next time.

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