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Jared Sullinger’s new diet? ‘More greens’ and no fast food


Mike Miller

Here’s Jared Sullinger last season. Ohio State listed the 6-9 freshman at 280 pounds.

When summer rolled around, he was heavier (292 pounds) and his body fat was at 23 percent.

And now? Sullinger’s 272 pounds, has 14 percent body fat and is downright “skinny” as Bob Baptist from the Columbus Dispatch writes. His upper body is now shaped like a V. That weight loss wasn’t a secret, but Baptist got the skinny on Sullinger’s revamped diet.

“I cut my diet down. A lot of the ‘goods’ and not so much of the ‘bads.’”

What are the ‘goods?’

“More greens. I have a more colorful plate now.”

What did he give up?

“A lot. Fast food. Just eating a lot. I’m eating smaller portions.”

It wasn’t just diet, though. Sullinger’s regular workout consisted of weight lifting, stairs, boxing and a ton of running.

So I ask: How long until we see the “after” photo? A ripped Sullinger might strike some fear into Big Ten teams.

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