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Too early to get psyched about Kentucky-Louisville?


Mike Miller

Kentucky and Louisville don’t play until Dec. 31. But I’m already hyped. Credit WHAS-11 in Louisville for that.

Now watch this:

Felt like a 30 for 30 documentary, right? And that was just episode one! It touched on the history between the school, the essential players – Rick Pitino serving as the primary focus – the fans and some actual basketball.

Anyway, that’s what a rivalry should feel like. There’s disdain and a genuine desire to win for the sake of sanity. Nobody should be OK losing to a rival. That’s what life’s like in Louisville for Wildcat and Cardinal fans.

Easy to understand why basketball thrives in the state.

Now. Where’s that barbershop. I could use some hoops talk with my haircut.

(Thanks, Card Chronicle)

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