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VIDEOS: Coach K holds ‘amazing’ press conference after questionable late calls

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski had himself an interesting press conference on Monday night following the Blue Devils’ third straight loss.

It started off normal enough, with Coach K talking about the fact that his team shot 37 threes and gave up 26 offensive rebounds, neither of which are ideal numbers for anyone. He mentions that he wanted his team to drive the ball more instead of settling for threes, and that’s when this thing kicked up a notch, as you can see in the video above.

“Although, we did right at the end of the game, and it was an amazing ending,” Coach K said, his tone literally dripping with sarcasm. “The last play is ... amazing. Have you seen it? Well, you go see it. The last play. It’s literally ... amazing.”

According to Laura Keeley of the Raliegh News & Observer, K would go on to say “amazing” 10 times in a press conference that lasted about six minutes, throwing in a “God Bless America” for good measure.

What was the Duke head coach so happy about?

With the score 63-62 and the ball with less than a minute left, a missed Grayson Allen layup gets deflected back to Duke’s Matt Jones who collides with a pair of Syracuse defenders. It could have been called a foul. Coach K certainly thinks it should have been called a foul. What about you?

But there’s more. After Duke is forced to foul Syracuse on the ensuing possession and the Orange miss a free throw, Jones again is involved in a collision where he appears to get fouled by a Syracuse defender.

Again, it’s a tough call, one that Coach K certainly thinks should have been a foul. What do you think?

And that was only the start of the bitterness. The Duke haters are pissed because Coach K seemingly blew past the handshake line in an effort to chase down the officials, presumably to tell them how amazing their officiating was ...:

... while Matt Jones was in the locker room showing reporters the scratches (bites?) on his hand stemming from, according to him, those final two possessions:

What is it with Duke and Syracuse and these crazy reactions to late-game calls?