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What’s worse? Florida players arrested, or audio recording afterward?

Being arrested for felony burglary charges is bad. But when there’s a tape of the arrested parties talking about their crime – that then gets leaked and makes its way around the internet – that’s even worse.

That’s what Florida basketball players Erik Murphy and Cody Larsen are dealing with this week.

The two were nabbed Sunday morning for trying to break into a car in St. Augustine, Fla. A third man, team manager Joshua Abel, was charged with serving as a lookout for the alleged crime. Gators coach Billy Donovan suspended all three from team activities, but that was before this tape surfaced Tuesday night.

Jaconsonville’s obtained a 34-minute recording of the Murphy and Abel talking in the back of a St. Augustine police cruiser. Larson is talking to them on a phone from another cruiser. (Police put a tape recorder in the backseat.)

There’s a complete recording here, but some highlights are below:

“You know what we could say. Listen, listen, listen. When we went back in, the dude was being a d***h*** to us and was like, ‘You gotta leave.’ I was looking for my wallet,” Murphy tells Adel.

“Dude, come on man. ... That is a dumb G** d*** idea,” Adel says.

“Bro, do you know how f*** I am because of y’all dumb m***** f*******,” Adel tells Murphy in the police car. “I’m fired. Like, you’ll have another shot. I’m done. I have no second shot, bro.”

“I don’t have a second shot either,” Murphy replies.

“And I told y’all to stop doing that,” Adel says, referring to car break-ins. “You did that.”

“I know,” Murphy says.

“Have you ever gotten arrested before?” Murphy asks Adel, who says no. “Then we could get off.”

“There’s no getting off. We’re not in f****** Gainesville. They [St. Augustine police] don’t give a f***,” Adel says. “Do you understand I’ll be fired and I have no chance of ever pursuing any type of career in basketball.”

Hm. Forget more embarrassing. This is one of those situations where nobody wins.

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