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Winning a league tourney? Good or bad entering NCAAs?

Let’s settle an argument, shall we?

Some people think winning a conference tournament before the Big Dance is a bad thing, while others maintain it sets the tone for a run to the Final Four.

So who’s right? Mike Rutherford over at Card Chronicle addressed this topic recently, but I had David Hess go one step further. He tackled the topic by gathering data from every season since 1997-98 and displayed it all in his column here. As a bonus, he whipped up some helpful charts like this.


Mike Miller

I don’t want to give away David’s conclusion, but I will tell you he didn’t just do the straight up, “Who won, who lost” stuff. He factored in seeding, how far each teams advanced in the NCAA tournament and how those factors related to each other.

So before you get too wrapped up in today’s games, click here and read what David has to say. Then keep it in mind for your bracket.

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