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Wisconsin Cheeseheads got nuthin’ on Louisville fans


Alfred Hitchcock knew how creepy birds can be. He proved it with his legendary 1963 horror film called, appropriately, The Birds.

Now, imagine how soul-suckingly horrifying it would be to enter the KFC Yum! center this fall and see 22,000 dead-eyed, human-sized cardinals staring down at you. Would you have the courage to jump the opening tip? I’m not sure I could.

From the always delightful Card Chronicle comes news of the latest in avian hoops couture. The article is more pictures than words, so the real joy comes from the comments section:

Just noticed the eye glaring out from behind the beak in picture 2. Too scared to move now.

I can just imagine what the wife is going to say when this shows up in the mail....

Couldn’t have bought this harder

What if we wore these bird heads and stayed silent the whole game? Good plays… bad plays… no noise

And, from site founder Mike Rutherford:

Only 11 left in stock The fact that you all are buying these is my favorite thing ever.

I so, so, so badly want to see the “silent sitting in judgment” thing happen. I know it will happen in football first, but the creep factor is eternal.