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Promoting the collective

As we get started here, I wanted to make known right off the bat that “Inside the Irish” is part of the Notre Dame blogging community. For the last few weeks as we’ve prepped for launch, I did some digging and reaching out to members of the Notre Dame writing community, because I truly value and appreciate a lot of the tremendous insight and knowledge that people passionately share over the internet. (I’ve been reading and paying for the stuff for years...) In the weeks to come, you’ll be hearing from different people that I read and follow, all of whom probably know a great deal more about Notre Dame football than I do.

As we move along this season, I’ll do my best to share what it is I’m reading and following, websites that bring unique opinions and thoughtful discussion to the football season. One of the great parts of following a team like Notre Dame, with its worldwide grasp, is the collection of people that it brings together. Part of me feels like my biggest challenge is to merely catch up to the great stuff that already exists.

We’re in the process of creating a “blogroll” of great Fighting Irish content. If you’ve got a website or read a column that you think is spot-on, send it along to me. If I read a column and I like it, whether its Eric Hansen’s at the South Bend Tribune, or Jay’s at Blue-Gray Sky, I’ll send it along to you guys. I’ve got no agenda, no secret memo telling me who to secretly promote, I’m just looking for good content.

As a guy who used to work for Mike Florio and the PFT family (plug, plug), I know first-hand the kind of loyal following that comes with hard work, creating a good product and listening to your readers.

(And if it gets me a sweetheart deal like Florio’s, I’m all for it...)

So as the brave new world of the internet continues, know a few things about me:

1) I’m a fan, too.
2) I’ve got no secret agendas, no vendettas against anyone.
3) I enjoy a good argument debate or discussion.
4) I understand that no website is a good one without a rabid community following it.

Feel free to drop me a line with any complaints, thoughts, questions, advice or just to say hello. (You can even complain that I quote movies too much, or fanboy babble about Mike Floyd too much.)

I’ll never pretend to think that I’m the foremost authority on Notre Dame football, but I’d like to think you’ll quickly start picking up what I’m putting down.

You dig?