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Whack-a-James game begins in earnest

This shoe was bound to drop at some point, but we just didn’t know when. This morning, as it turns out, is when.

The public counteroffensive against the James family -- Adam James in particular -- has begun in earnest. Man, has it begun.

In a piece from CBS‘s Dennis Dodd, a not-so-flattering portrait of James has been painted via a series of emails obtained by the website. The kicker to this story, though, is that all of them have names attached to the emails.

From current Texas Tech coaches to former Tech players, the Red Raider receiver at the center of the Mike Leach controversy is portrayed at various times as a slacker, a kid with a Mt. Everest-sized sense of entitlement and, basically, someone who wants something -- playing time -- for nothing.

“He expected people to baby him and that he was going make it solely on the fact that his father was a very successful player,” former Tech player Eric Morris said of James, whose father is former SMU star and current ESPN analyst Craig James.

“Adam was a kid that seemed like he had been given everything he wanted his whole life and acted like if things did not go exactly how he wanted someone was treating him unfairly or someone needed to be blamed for his failures. He was a selfish player on and off the field that was counter-productive for our team and would be for any other team,” former Tech QB Graham Harrell said in his email.

Wait, there’s more. This one comes from receivers coach Lincoln Riley.

“The problem, though, is that Adam is unusually lazy and entitled. ... He has an unbelievable sense of entitlement because of who his father is; one that hurts himself and people around him. Adam is the kind of person that makes excuses or blames people for things that go wrong in his life.”

Uhhh, ouch?

Simply put, this is officially a mess.

Blame Coach Leach all you want -- and some are doing more than their fair share -- but this whole mess seems to have been aggravated by the spoiled son of a rich and famous athlete who seemed hell-bent on doing whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Allegedly.

Entitled? Entitled indeed. Entitled to attempt to find another Div. 1-A school who will take him and his (alleged) baggage once this whole sordid affair comes to an end.