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A former A-Rod detractor thinks he’s doing it clean

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez


Bob Klapisch has written some of the most critical pieces about Alex Rodriguez over the years. But, admirably, he’s not falling prey to A-Rod Derangement Syndrome:

Rodriguez has apologized a million times since spring training and you might think he’s not humble, just hardened and maybe smarter about a PED supplier this time around.

But as I’ve said before, I believe A-Rod is clean. What we saw Thursday was the result of hard work, a healthy, rested body and an intense desire to say Take That to those who predicted he’d fail. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been conned if A-Rod ever gets caught, but I don’t think it’ll happen.

It’s simple math: if A-Rod is caught cheating, he’s banned for life and loses $50 million of salaries. Whereas before -- having never been disciplined for PEDs, it was reasonable for him to think that, at most, he’d get 50 games if he was caught. He ended up being wrong about that, but to him that was likely a somewhat reasonable gamble given where his head and his health was at at the time. Now it makes zero sense for him to do it.

Which, hey, if you think Rodriguez is a big monster you’re not going to be swayed by that logic. But if you’re the type that thinks A-Rod is big and greedy and all about the money, you can’t really deny that logic either.