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Another Hall of Fame ballot boycott: Lynn Henning of the Detroit News

Craig Biggio
Buster Olney has already announced that he is boycotting the Hall of Fame vote this year in protest of the arbitrary 10-vote rule. Add another voter to the protest: Lynn Henning of the Detroit News:

Some are being shut out by an, at best, antiquated, and at worst, perverse, ballot that for indefensibly arbitrary reasons says I can vote for 10 men only.

And so, after considerable thought and after one man’s earnest efforts for the past year to rid voters of this man-made obstruction to simple justice went nowhere, I’ve decided, no.

No more participation in a deeply flawed, abjectly negative exercise. There is no dignity in deciding among 13 worthy Hall of Famers which three are less worthy than the 10 whom some people, at some former time, decided must be my quota for a given year.

Last year Henning voted for a full slate of ten and reluctantly left some good names. Now, he has decided, not to play that game.