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If you ever wanted to make “Darryl Strawberry money” now you can. Quite literally.

Like, the actual money owed to Darryl Strawberry pursuant to the contract he signed with the Mets in 1985. From the good folks at the IRS, an auction notice for January. Up for bid:

The right to receive on-going monthly payments under the Darryl Strawberry Deferred Compensation Agreement, Addendum III to Uniform Player’s Contract dated March 12, 1985, executed on March 12, 1985 by Darryl Strawberry and Doubleday Sports, Inc. (predecessor in interest to Sterling Mets, L.P.), as reflected in the schedule of payments attached as Appendix 2 to the Order of Sale entered on the court’s docket, and specifically those payments remaining to be made after the court’s confirmation of the sale.

Minimum bid is $550,000.

The background is rather convoluted. It’s tied up in a domestic relations order which gave the compensation to Strawberry’s ex-wife, and her subsequent bankruptcy. So really it’s her money -- forfeited to the IRS -- not Darryl’s anymore. Here is some info on that from a couple of years ago. At the time the annual payout was around $100,000. Not sure how inflation, etc. deals with that, if at all.

Who said you can’t get any money out of the Mets?

(Thanks to Wes for the heads up)