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If you’re in Japan, join Andruw Jones for “World Beer & Meat Festival”

andruw jones getty

This is just a random promotion like ballplayers do all the time, but (a) it reminded me of the existence of Andruw Jones; and (b) features a fun ad of him promoting beer and meat, and what could possibly be better than that?

Patrick Newman of NPB Tracker tweeted it out and translated it in the wee hours this morning. Take a look:

Andruw Jones Ad

The lineup card is Jones’ beer lineup, which Newman says translates thusly:

Jones’ beer lineup RF Corona 2B Coors Light 1B Hoegaarden DH Heineken 3B Blue Moon LF Modela Especial SS Miller C Budweiser CF Grolsch P Sol

— Patrick Newman (@npbtracker) July 9, 2014

Not a great lineup, but I’m sure Jones was limited by sponsorship concerns.

The important part of all of this, however, is that Jones looks pretty good in the ad! Maybe it’s all about beer and meat, but maybe he’s lost some of that beef he added after leaving Atlanta.

Man, Jones in Atlanta. Dude hit 51 homers while playing gold glove center field in 2005. He hit 368 homers in all in Atlanta while being, bar none, the best defensive center fielder in the big leagues. I feel like we have collectively forgotten how awesome that crap was. This is what happens when you let yourself and your work ethic go, I think. It just erases so many of the memories people have of you and forever alters the image. Ask Orson Welles. Ask Marlon Brando.

Oh well. Beer and Meat.