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NCAA suspends Ben Wetzler for 20 percent of the season

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Recently, Aaron Fitt of Baseball America reported that the Phillies turned in Oregon State senior Ben Wetzler to the NCAA for inappropriate contact with an agent, which is explicitly forbidden by NCAA bylaws. Most of the commentary since then have focused on the ethics of what the Phillies did and the unfairness of the power NCAA wields over its athletes. Comparatively little attention has been paid to Wetzler himself, who appears to have broken the rules.

Fitt is now reporting that the NCAA has suspended Wetzler for 20 percent of the season, which includes time he has already missed. He will return on March 3.

Oregon State University came out in defense of Wetzler, calling the punishment “too hard given all of the mitigating factors”. More, from Fitt:

OSU: “Although the evidence was unclear, the NCAA found that Wetzler’s adviser did have prohibited contact"—with the Phillies on his behalf.

— Aaron Fitt (@aaronfitt) February 22, 2014

OSU: “Having seen these amateurism rules in action, OSU believes NCAA should take a serious look...toward revising rules on amateur status”

— Aaron Fitt (@aaronfitt) February 22, 2014

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