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Sammy Sosa “shocked” that Mike Remlinger tried to sell his corked bat


This is half of the corked bat that got Sammy Sosa ejected in the first inning on June 3, 2003 against the Tampa Bay Rays. Sosa broke his bat in his first at bat and was ejected after the umpire crew discovered the cork in the bat. The handle was confiscated by Major League Baseball and its whereabouts are unknown. The broken barrel was left in the clubhouse. Mike Remlinger, the winning Cubs pitcher that night, picked the barrel up and kept it. The bat was obtained directly from Remlinger comes with a letter of authenticity from Mike Remlinger as well. (photo by Mike Remlinger) (baseball pro)

Mike Remlinger’s attempt to sell Sammy Sosa’s corked bat from 2003 failed yesterday when the reserve price he’d set wasn’t met during an auction in which the high bid was $14,407.

Naturally, now Sosa says he’s “shocked” that his former Cubs teammate would do such a thing. Well, technically his “spokesperson” said it, but presumably Sosa told her to do so.

Remlinger explained that he tried to contact Sosa and return the bat to him, but never heard back and decided to auction it off. Sosa claims he was never contacted by Remlinger, although in fairness someone who makes statements to the media through a spokesperson seems more likely to not be aware every attempt people make to contact him.

“If he needed the money, he should have just asked me for some money,” Sosa said via his spokesperson. Remlinger earned around $20 million during his 15-season career in the majors.

UPDATE: Remlinger has decided to sell the bat for the $14,407 bid that didn’t meet the original reserve price. The buyer is Grant DePorter, who’s the CEO of Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group and plans to display the bat first at Harry Caray’s Restaurant and then at the Chicago Sports Museum. Sosa is thrilled, I’m sure.