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Takin’ a little time off

As I mentioned in this morning’s recaps, I’m going to be taking a little time off. All next week to be precise. I’ll be back on Monday, August 30th. Yes, I’m going out of town, but it’s to a secret undisclosed location that may or may not look like the pic to the right.

I don’t relish the idea of a vacation. I love my job, I live for baseball and blogging and being away from the computer for a week is going test the limits of my patience and maybe even my sanity.

But that’s also probably evidence that I really do need a vacation. With the exception of an odd Friday here or there it’s been a while since I took any real time off and I probably could use the time to sharpen the saw or whatever those doorknobs who put together those motivational posters say. Probably also worth noting that my wife told me that if I don’t disconnect from the web for a few days she’ll kill me, so there’s that too.

So, for me anyway, it’s lights out for a bit. Aaron, D.J., Drew, Matthew and Bob will provide you with more than enough baseball juju between now and when I come back. Here’s hoping Roger Clemens doesn’t take a hostage or something, because that’s the kind of story I really don’t want to miss.