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Supercross 2019: Other Guys vs. Big 4

blake baggett - supercrosslive

The 2019 Supercross season has been a show domination by four riders against the field.

Of 75 possible top-fives, these four have scored 46 (61%). And a blanket could be thrown over the top three. Cooper Webb has earned 13 top-fives with Marvin Musquin and Eli Tomac sitting at 12 apiece. Ken Roczen’s uneven season has left him with 10, but until the last few weeks he was in contention for the championship and his position among the top four in points is virtually assured.

That has left the door open (just a crack) for the “Other Guys” to sneak into the top five every week. It’s been a hard-fought battle for them, however, and only once in 15 races have more than two riders other than the Big 4 managed to finish fifth or better.

Where Supercross finds itself entering week 16 of the 17-week schedule was not apparent at the start of the year. Two of the Other Guys, Justin Barcia and Blake Baggett, won the first two races. That was it, though: The field has failed to beat the Big 4 through the rest of the season.

On three occasions the Big 4 have swept the top five, leaving room for just one other rider. Dean Wilson finished fifth overall in the Anaheim II Triple Crown event with a record of 9-8-7 in the Mains. The next week, Baggett finished third at Oakland and finally Joey Savatgy was the odd man in at Seattle with a fifth-place finish.

Nashville was the only race with three of the Other Guys among the top-five. Baggett finished second with Wilson fourth and Zach Osborne fifth.

Baggett’s status as the best of the Other Guys is manifest twofold. With eight top-five finishes, he sits just behind Roczen’s nine. Uneven results at the start of the season - most notably a 12th and 15th in Anaheim’s two races as well as a 21st in Minneapolis leaves him 28 points out of fourth in the standings.

He has also been the top rider out of the field on the most occasions. Baggett can take solace in the fact that he was best in class seven times so far this season.

The Other Guys should not expect the Big 4 to let up in the last two races because all of them are on hot streaks. Webb enters this coming weekend with a 10-race streak of top-fives that includes four wins. Tomac has a six-race streak with three wins, while Musquin also has a six-race streak with two wins. The only Big 4 rider who has lost momentum is Roczen who has only one top-five in his last four attempts.

Top 5s

Cooper Webb: 13
Marvin Musquin: 12
Eli Tomac: 12
Ken Roczen: 10
Blake Baggett: 8
Joey Savatgy: 5
Dean Wilson: 4
Justin Bogle: 2
Chad Reed: 2
Justin Barcia: 2
Jason Anderson: 1
Justin Brayton: 1
Aaron Plessinger: 1
Cole Seeley: 1
Zach Osborne: 1