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Dale Earnhardt Jr. dodges Dan Patrick’s efforts to get him to propose to Amy Reimann on air

Dale Jr Amy Reimann 2014 Getty

“The timing’s not right” Dale Earnhardt said about getting engaged to longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann on Wednesday’s Dan Patrick Show.

You have to give Dan Patrick props: He REALLY tried to get Dale Earnhardt Jr. to pop the question to girlfriend Amy Reimann on Patrick’s syndicated radio and simulcast NBCSN show Wednesday morning.

It didn’t happen.

In the midst of a wide-ranging 10-minute interview, Patrick set Earnhardt up, first asking him what it’s like to be 40 years old now.

“I know, isn’t that weird,” Earnhardt replied. “I feel good, (like) 30. I guess 40 ain’t too bad.”

Then Patrick swooped in, asking if Earnhardt was engaged yet.

“Not yet,” he said, slightly fumbling his answer with a nervous laugh. “Me and Amy are doing great though. We’re heading in the right direction.”

What does heading in the right direction mean, Patrick asked.

“If I want to get engaged, I don’t want to spoil the surprise on Dan Patrick’s radio show,” Earnhardt said.

Patrick replied, “Well, she’ll never expect that, though. That’s the surprise!”

“Yeah, well, it’s not the time,’' Earnhardt said. “The timing’s not right.”

Patrick asked if and when the time comes, would Earnhardt make it a NASCAR-themed engagement.

“No, absolutely not,” Earnhardt said.

When asked if he’d put a tattoo of Amy’s name on his ring finger, Earnhardt remained adamant.

“No,” he said. “No! We talked about that. That’s definitely, definitely not happening.”

Earnhardt went on to say: “I have a phobia that nobody knows about. I talk about it on Twitter. I have a jewelry phobia. It sounds crazy, but that’s the biggest hold up for me getting married.”

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