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Dale Jr. Download: A look behind the curtain at JR Motorsports

Dale Jr. discussed how proud he is of how his sister Kelly Earnhardt does business as co-owner of JR Motorsports.

On this week’s Dale Jr. Download podcast, the eponymous owner of JR Motorsports provided some insight into how the organization is run.

“People would be surprised at how strictly … to the budge we run our company,” Dale Earnhardt Jr. said. “And how compromising everyone is: the crew chiefs, car chiefs - those guys want the latest and greatest. The parts and pieces. They want to spend money to make speed, but they have to understand if you’ve got five things that will make the car fast, you got to pick two. You don’t get all five.”

At the helm is Earnhardt’s sister, Kelley Earnhardt Miller.

“It’s a maze to navigate, and Kelley is deep, deep, deep within that maze with these guys,” Earnhardt continued. “Boots on the ground, working every day.”

In the Miami media center following Tyler Reddick’s Xfinity championship, Kelley Earnhardt Miller explained the difference between JR Motorsports and Team Penske or Richard Childress Racing.

JR Motorsports is a separate entity from Hendrick Motorsports and that distinction is important to the team. As a customer of the larger organization, the team doesn’t have the same access to the development and engineering of the parts and pieces. It buys what is necessary.

Earnhardt Jr. compared his organization to a minor-league farm team in baseball - operating separately but connected to the Cup program.

For a more detailed look at the working of this organization, watch the video above.

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