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NASCAR America: Spotter TJ Majors is Joey Logano’s secret weapon

NASCAR spotter T.J. Majors, who worked with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and now Joey Logano, explains what life is like in his role.

Spotters are an integral part of every race. But they are critical on a restrictor-plate track like Talladega SuperSpeedway.

TJ Majors was a big part of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s success on this track and when he moved to Joey Logano’s No. 22 team, he brought that tradition along with him.

“Talladega is one of my favorite places to go,” Majors told NBC’s Dave Burns. “You’re working pretty hard leading the race. It’s as much work leading as it is back in the back. You’ve got to constantly paint this picture of where the run is coming from when you see them form so the driver knows where to be.”

For more, watch the above video.