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NASCAR America: The evolution of pit crews, strategy and debriefs

Hall of Fame crew chiefs Ray Evernham and Dale Inman compare pit crew teams from the past to the present.

During NASCAR’s nearly 70 years of competition, one area that used to almost be taken for granted has evolved into one of the most important elements of every race and how it plays out.

We’re talking about pit crews. On Wednesday’s edition of NASCAR America, our Steve Letarte had a chance to talk at length with two of the best crew chiefs there ever was, Ray Evernham and Dale Inman.

They spoke at length about how pit crews have evolved over the years, and how important they’ve becoming in servicing a race car in the shortest time possible, yet making the most impact of hoped-for positive changes in the race car

Evernham remembered how it was back in the day when he first became a crew chief. “We had guys running around in cowboy boots and smoking cigarettes” while performing car servicing on pit road.

Over the last 30-40 years, how to best utilize pit crews, as well as strategy related to pit stops, have become a science that is part engineering, athleticism, strategy and even luck.

Check out what two of the best crew chiefs ever said about how the sport has changed on pit road.

Also during Wednesday’s show, this week’s nominees for the Pit Crew All-Stars were named. Check out the video below: