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67RIEFNS No. 34: JaVale McGee doing JaVale McGee things

Denver Nuggets Media Day

Denver Nuggets Media Day

NBAE/Getty Images

The NBA is full of talent, personality and suspense. During the offseason, It’s easy to forget how wonderful the league can be. So, I’ve assembled 67 Reasons I’m Excited For Next Season (67RIEFNS). They’ll be presented in no particular order.

JaVale McGee played just five games last year after injuring his leg.

How did we survive the rest of the season?

McGee is the most entertaining player in the NBA.

He’s 7 foot and insanely athletic, capable of creating spectacular highlights. But those positive plays interest me only so much.

It’s McGee’s signature brain-dead moments that really capture the imagination. He can screw up plays in ways others could only dream of. I mean, just look at these gaffes:

What’s your favorite?

I have a soft spot for this play – only because I was there and McGee offered the following non-apology afterward:

“Apparently if you get a fast break and throw it off the backboard in the third quarter and you’re 1-11, you’re not supposed to do stuff like that,” McGee said.

But this is my all-time favorite:

Just look at John Wall’s reaction. The Wizards had to get McGee out of town before he ruined the former No. 1 pick.

Thankfully, they couldn’t run McGee out of the league. He’s getting healthier and will hopefully return to the lineup soon.

I can’t wait.