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Andre Iguodala wants to get Klay Thompson, teammates in contract years get more shots

Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala


Andre Iguodala got paid — he has three years and $35 million left on his deal with the Warriors, that was after his $80 million Sixers deal — now he wants to see his teammates get paid.

As has been much discussed, Klay Thompson is in a contract year. Coming off his stellar World Cup performance he seems poised for a breakout year with big numbers, and big numbers mean big dollars. He’s not alone on the Warriors, Draymond Green is also up for a new deal next summer as a restricted free agent.

Iguodala, who could be coming off the bench in a point-forward role while Shaun Livingston is out injured, wants to see those guys get paid, so he’s going to feed them the rock. That’s what he told Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group.

And he’s said it this preseason that he wants to help his friend and Warriors teammate, Klay Thompson, get paid at a time when he’s due for a contract extension.

“Hopefully he’ll continue to realize I should get like 0.1 percent (of his next contract) or something like that,” Iguodala joked earlier this week…

“It’s not just Klay, but I want Steph (Curry) to maximize his career. I want him to get paid as much as possible on and off the court. Draymond Green’s in a contract year, too, so I’m going to be looking to give him a couple extra. He’s going to fill up the basket a little bit more with me on the court with him as well. It’s just about taking care of your teammates, and I learned that early on playing with (Philadelphia 76ers teammates) like Kevin Ollie, playing with guys like Aaron McKie. And then Andre Miller, he was perfect for me. He was a big reason why I got the (six-year, $80 million) deal that I got and why I played at the level I played with when I was in Philly.”

Iguodala said he would do it for any teammate, he’s just paying it forward. That’s what you like to hear from your veteran players…

Unless you’re Warriors owner Joe Lacob.

I don’t really get the Warriors trying to low-ball Thompson on this contract. You wouldn’t put him in a potential trade for Kevin Love this summer, that pretty much is the definition of a max player. Plus, you can be sure that if you don’t give him a max deal now some team is going to come in with a Chandler Parsons offer next summer. Just sign off on the big checks, you already got a steal on Stephen Curry (remember his ankles were a serious question when the contract was inked) don’t push it too far.