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DeMarcus Cousins on allegedly threatening to kill ex-girlfriend: ‘I said the wrong thing’

In August, TMZ published a recording in which DeMarcus Cousins allegedly told his ex-girlfriend, “I’m going to make sure I put a bullet in your f—ing head.” The dispute was allegedly about Christy West not allowing their 7-year-old son to attend Cousins’ wedding.

Cousins was charged with third-degree harassing communications. The case was eventually dismissed.

Cousins on All The Smoke:

It was an unfortunate situation. So, I had a special moment in my life. I wanted all my family to be there. A little piece of happiness going through whatever I’m going through. Things didn’t work out the way I wanted it to for my day. I was upset. So, I said some things I shouldn’t have said. But that person knew where it was coming from. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of things, heard a lot of stuff. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a hundred percent against domestic violence. Like, a hundred percent. I watched my mother go through that as a child. So, when it comes to that, I’m the first advocate for that. But with that being said, I said the wrong thing. Heat of the moment. We’ve all done it.

I believe Cousins views himself as vehemently against domestic violence. But there are more forms of domestic abuse than striking a woman. It’s important for that to be more recognized than it is in our society.

(In court documents, West said Cousins choked her in a previous incident. It doesn’t seem that claim went anywhere criminally. It also sounds like Cousins was addressing only the recording, not any prior incident.)

This obviously doesn’t excuse what Cousins said. It’s also better that he acknowledged wrongdoing than not. Even clearing that low bar is still notable.

After all, he didn’t need to look far during this interview to find someone unrepentant about – and even celebrated for! – domestic abuse.