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George Gervin on Klay Thompson’s 37-point quarter: ‘I don’t feel he broke my record’

NBA All-Star Jam Session 2014

NBA All-Star Jam Session 2014

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Klay Thompson scored an NBA record 37 points in a single quarter during a win over the Kings last week, but the previous record-holder believes his mark still stands.

George Gervin, a Hall-of-Famer who played 10 NBA seasons, held the previous record with 33 points in a period, but posted his before the three-point line was implemented. Because of this, he believes that Thompson’s performance -- while outstanding in its own right -- doesn’t eclipse what Gervin once did.

From Howard Beck of Bleacher Report:

When Gervin set the NBA record for points in a quarter—in the second quarter of a loss to the New Orleans Jazz, on April 9, 1978—there was no three-point arc. Its adoption was still a year away. Gervin accumulated his 33 points the old-fashioned way: on mid-range jump shots, slashes to the rim and free throws. If he scored three points on a play, it came with the help of a shooting foul—the “and-1.”

The precise number of field goals and free throws Gervin made in that quarter is unclear. Neither the NBA’s statistics database nor has the breakdown.

We do know how Thompson reached 37: by making all 13 of his field goals, including all nine of his three-pointers, along with two free throws, in the third quarter of a Warriors victory over the Sacramento Kings.

“I don’t feel—and it’s funny, everybody laughs—I don’t feel he broke my record,” Gervin told Bleacher Report in a phone interview. “I feel he set a new record. He set a new record for the new NBA.”

It’s clear in the piece that Gervin is not at all bitter about this, and is coming from a lighthearted place when speaking about it more than anything else.

But he does have a point -- had no three-point line existed for Klay’s performance, he would have finished with only 28 in the period, and Gervin would remain the unquestioned leader in the record books.