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Gilbert Arenas brings $100k cash to gym for bet with Nick Young, makes 95/100 shots (video)

Gilbert Arenas has a flair for gambling and shooting.

He combined those in this video about a bet with Nick Young. Arenas said (warning: with plenty of profanity mixed in) he had a $100,000 bet with Young on jumpers, but that Young no-showed. So, Arenas proceeds to shoot 95-for-100 to show his dominance over his friend and former Wizards teammate.

A few caveats:

  • We don’t know how many takes Arenas took from each spot. Though his sets of 20 shots from each spot were each continuous, there are breaks between each set. He could have filmed each set as many times as necessary.
  • We don’t know exactly where each spot is. I think they’re all 3-pointers, but the camera angle is usually too tight to know for certain.
  • We don’t know whether Young actually said he’d be there. This could all be for show.

But it sure is a fun show, at least.