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Gilbert Arenas to give away all the shoes he wore while watching Jameer Nelson this year

Gilbert Arenas, Stan Van Gundy

Gilbert Arenas is back on Twitter, which is great news for everyone who either a. loves Gil or b. loves making fun of Gil. It’s a win-win, really. Those two groups have a pretty high crossover on the ol’ Ven diagram as well.

Not only is Arenas back on Twitter, but he’s giving away shoes! Shoes he played in in the past year! Now, Arenas says that’s about 70 pairs of shoes. So under that number, here’s a list of some of the things we think Arenas qualifies as “playing in.”

  • Watching Jameer Nelson.
  • Watching J.J. Redick.
  • Watching Jason Richardson.
  • Watching Quentin Richardson.
  • Joining Twitter.
  • Quitting Twitter.
  • Laughing at Stan Van Gundy.
  • Shootaround!
  • After-practice shootaround!
  • Pre-game warmups!
  • That one playoff game where he made a difference.

This is a nice thing from Arenas. It’s good that Arenas, a sneaker freak, is willing to part with the shoes for the fans. The bigger concern is Twitter. How long’s it going to take before this goes bad? Over/under is what, a week? Two weeks, since everyone’s distracted with the Finals? Everyone’s excited about it, that’s for sure.