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Jim Boylen reportedly expects to remain Bulls coach, wants chance to make case

The Chicago Bulls, a team stuck in a front office rut for years, made the bold and smart move to hire Nuggets GM Arturas Karnisovas to retool their organization.

A lot of Bulls fans — and league observers — expect that means coach Jim Boylen is out the door. Boylen hasn’t been popular with players and, in any situation, a new front office often leads to a new coach.

Don’t tell Boylen that, he expects to keep his job and wants the chance to make his case, reports Jay Crowly at the Chicago Sun-Times.

According to a source close to the situation, Boylen has let it be known to members of his staff that he will accept any fate coming his way from his new front office and ownership, but fully expects that he will return to the head coaching seat next season.

His one concern, according to the source, is with Arturas Karnisovas now calling the shots, Boylen was at least hoping for a chance to sit down with his new bosses and discuss his year-and-a-half on the job before they make a final decision.

Would Karnisovas keep Boylen around? K.C. Johnson at NBC Sports Chicago says that the uncertainty of the NBA schedule right now may work to Boylen’s favor, and confirms Boylen wants the chance to make his case.
Would Karnisovas want to pile change on top of change at a time the balance of the 2019-20 season is unknown? Boylen obviously would like to have a conversation with Karnisovas about his and his staff’s future. Whether that happens is unknown for now.

Karnisovas should give Boylen the chance to make his case, but he also should talk to players and others in the basketball operations side before making a decision.

There are expected to be multiple coaching changes this offseason — the Knicks and Nets both need to find permanent coaches, plus Brett Brown is on the hot seat in Philly, Mike D’Antoni is a lame duck in Houston, and there are other coaches rumored around the league — and that will give quality candidates options. If the Bulls want to land an experienced player development and culture coach — Kenny Atkinson, for example — then they may need to move quickly, before said coach listens to and takes another offer.

All of this is up in the air as we wait to see if and when the NBA will return, in what form, and from there when the Draft, free agency, and the start of next season will be. Karnisovas may want to move quickly, but there’s only so fast anyone can go right now.