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Kobe wears his Lower Merion shorts under his Lakers shorts every game


Michael Jordan, every time he put on his Chicago Bulls shorts for a game, had a pair of North Carolina shorts on underneath them.

Kobe Bryant, every time he has put on his Los Angeles Lakers shorts, has a pair of his old Lower Merion High School shorts on underneath.

We all learned that later fact last night at the dedication of the new gym at his old school — which is named after Kobe now (thanks in part to a $411,000 donation).

Kobe has modeled plenty of Jordan habits but this news came as a surprise to media who have been around the Laker locker room for years. And there aren’t that many secrets in that locker room — when Sasha Vujacic gets traded and ex-girlfriends thrash him on twitter, it is something people around the team almost expected.

The shorts thing, did not see that coming.

And as Brian Kamenetzky said at the Land O’ Lakers blog, how many of us can still fit into clothes we wore in high school? I’m sure the all-flannel-shirt wardrobe I had back in the day would be a little tight now.