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Kyle Lowry thrown for loop by kid asking about him being icon across Canada, gives great answer (video)

TORONTO – Raptors star Kyle Lowry has a great story of perseverance and determination. He’s, by far, the longest-tenured player on a team one win from a championship. As Canada’s only NBA team, Toronto represents the entire country.

The love for Lowry here is deep and wide.

But he wasn’t ready for a child reporter to ask today, “How does it feel to be an icon all over Canada to kids?”

“I’m not – that’s a crazy question,” Lowry said, shaking his head and laughing. “I ain’t never been asked that one. I don’t know.

“I will put it this way, man. I was once a kid. I was once in your shoes. And to be able to know kids one day will want to be like me, I hold myself to a super high standard. I want kids and you to see a man that’s really professional, really about his business, but at the same time, he’s still fun and loving and everything else.”

As the next questioner got called on, Lowry continued.

“That’s a crazy question right there, boy” Lowry said. “You can’t beat that question. You can’t beat that question. You can try, but you can’t beat that question.”

The next question – about how to balance appreciating fan support and remaining focused on the task at hand – was fine. But Lowry was right. It didn’t hold up to the previous query.

Lowry is an intense competitor, to the point he sometimes comes across as grumpy. The Raptors are determined to maintain a steely mentality as they near their goal.

It was cool to see Lowry, in this environment, break form and enjoy the deserved flattery.