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Lakers playoff tickets? It’s going to cost you

The Lakers have the most expensive regular season ticket prices in the NBA, and they sell out every night. Alan Greenspan would love it because it is simple supply and demand. -- they can charge whatever they want because people will pay it.

And Lakers fans really want to see their team in the playoffs. So the team more than triples ticket prices in some areas.

Here’s how the costs break down. Regular season prices where I sit in Section 316 are $28 per seat or $1,204 per seat for the entire season (43 games including 2 preseason games). The postseason is 16 games at $1,460 which averages out to $91.25 or a 3.26 times the regular season cost. THAT is sticker shock!... Every NBA team sends out playoff invoices in February. Even lottery-bound teams, with the premise that maybe, just maybe team X rallies late for a playoff spot. They know season ticket holders are willing to fork out the extra cash, because you never want to miss out on the excitement of a playoff run. What do they do with the money paid for non-played games? They bank it and earn interest while the money is “credited” toward next season.

Outrageous you say! Price gougers, you cry! How can they do that in this economy, you whine! Welcome to capitalism, baby.

The Lakers will still sell out every playoff game. Some fans will recoup costs by putting a few of their $90 seats up on StubHub and getting $250 for them. Los Angeles is a Lakers town. The city is obsessed with them. People want desperately to see them in the playoffs and will pay for the privilege. The demand for Lakers playoff tickets is insane. So the Lakers charge what they can for the seats. People will gladly pay it.

Sorry Memphis fans, that’s just the way it is.