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Lakers reportedly talking to Pistons about Bogdanovic, Noel trade

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LeBron James, in his passive-aggressive style, is pushing Lakers management to trade some picks to upgrade the roster. Plenty of Lakers fans feel the same way. And while the most likely result is the Lakers stand pat at the trade deadline, the rumors will not stop.

The latest rumors come via Howard Beck at Sports Illustrated: The Lakers are still talking to the Pistons about Bojan Bogdanovic, but now also with Nerlens Noel.

I’ve heard the Lakers and Pistons have discussed a deal that would include both Bogdanović and Nerlens Noel. Since the Pistons are demanding draft assets in any deal for Bogdanović, it’s sort of a given that the Lakers would have to surrender a first-round pick to make a deal. Maybe they make a second deal to fortify the rotation further. Will they be willing to trade both picks that are currently trade-eligible? The sense around the league is they won’t. But we’ll see.

It’s a fun rumor and no doubt the sides have talked. Don’t bet on it happening.

Nothing has changed in the Pistons’ asking price, according to league sources: An unprotected first-round pick and a rotation player (Marc Stein reported something similar in his latest newsletter). The Lakers are reportedly offering Patrick Beverley, Kendrick Nunn and a second-round pick, maybe a protected first-rounder. That’s not going to get a deal done for Bogdanovic, then when you toss in Noel the Lakers would have to throw in three more minimum contracts to make a salaries match.

Might the Lakers trade for just Noel? Patrick Beverley and a second-rounder for Noel and Corey Joseph? Or, Nunn and two minimum players for Noel?

Ideally, the Lakers seek a trade that makes them much better not only this season, but for multiple seasons going forward so they can maximize the next few years with LeBron and Anthony Davis. That trade is just not out there. The best players likely to be traded at the deadline — Bogdanovic, John Collins, Jae Crowder — are not All-Stars and only move the needle so much, plus the asking prices are high. The most likely action is the Lakers wait until this summer to make a bolder move.

But you can see why LeBron and Lakers fans would be frustrated with that.