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Looks like Jeff Green is healthy, will re-sign with Celtics

Jeff Green

Boston fans seem to love the whole “if we were healthy, if we had Jeff Green, the playoffs would have been different” idea. I hate what ifs, and I think this year was the Celtics last deep run with this core.

But they would have been better with Jeff Green, who had to walk away from the team before the season when tests found an aortic aneurysm that required heart surgery to repair.

But he is healthy now and wants to re-sign with the Celtics for next season, his agent David Falk told the Boston Herald.

“He’s been 100 percent cleared,” said Falk. “He’s playing 5-on-5 basketball. He’s not quite yet in Jeff Green shape. Jeff is a physical marvel. He’s about 4 percent body fat. But in Jeff’s case, the experience he went through will be a life-changing experience.”

Generally I want to take anything I hear from an agent with a few grains of salt, but I hope this is true. Green is a fantastic athlete that needs to become a little more focused on defense and pick his spots better in games, but he can certainly help a team. Especially in the sixth man role the Celtics wanted to use him in.

Both Green and the Celtics want to get a deal done. Green can’t sign until July 11 (nobody can, there is a moratorium in place until then) but expect the deal to get done soon after.

For the record, I’m not sure how much it helps the Celtics. Last season everything broke for them in the playoffs — they might not get out of the first round if Al Horford were healthy, they would not have gotten past a Bulls team with a healthy Derrick Rose, and if Chris Bosh had been healthy the Heat would have wiped them out in five games. Getting to a Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals was a bit of a mirage, Boston is good but not that good, but they are going to get the band back together and give it one more run. But Green or no Green, to make another deep run will require everything to go their way again.