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Mavericks unveil fan-designed new 2015-16 “skyline” alternate jerseys

dallas Mavericks skyline alternate jersey

More than a year ago Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban decided to crowdsource a new, alternate jersey for the Mavs. Why hire consultants to do it when creative people online will do the work for free?

They did, a lot of suggestions came flying in — and some were damn good.

Dallas native Geoff Case submitted one via the crowdsourcing website crowdSPRING that plays off what Seattle used to do and Denver has done, using the city skyline in the logo.

That caught the Mavs eye and Case’s design was chosen, the Mavericks unveiled the new look at a press conference with a number of players on hand on Tuesday. Case gets $1,000 and 2015-16 season tickets to the Mavs. Not to mention bragging rights.

“The creativity of Mavs fans is amazing,” Cuban said. “We want to thank everyone who submitted a design and we look forward to seeing the skyline adorned across Mavs jerseys in 2015-16.”

Twitter does what twitter does and there were plenty of people panning the look when unveiled, but personally I like it. So what if it’s been done elsewhere, Dallas has a unique skyline. I like it in the white and the shades of blue... the throwback green version not so much. Still, it’s certainly better than a lot of alternate jerseys out there.

dallas Mavericks skyline alternate jersey