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Mavs’ Rick Carlisle compares Stephen Curry to Steve Jobs

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As I sit here writing out this post on my Macbook, I don’t think I need to describe how Steve Jobs helped shape the world we live in. Even if you’re on a Samsung phone and a Toshiba laptop, Jobs’ vision changed your online experience.

In the world of the NBA, Stephen Curry is reshaping things. The astute Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle drew the comparison to the Apple founder, via Dwain Price of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (hat tip to Hoopshype).

“You’ve just got to try to make it hard on him. But you’re talking a guy that it’s a little bit like what Steve Jobs has done to our every day life. He’s changed the way we live. He and Bill Gates have done that, Steph Curry is changing the way the game will be played in the future.”

And here I thought Mark Jackson said he was bad for the game.

I’ve started comparing Curry to Joe Montana in this sense: Montana was a great quarterback with unique gifts, but he was the perfect QB for Bill Walsh and his offense. He had the perfect players around him to make it all work. The right guy in the right place at the right time. Curry would be fantastic anywhere, but Steve Kerr — not Mark Jackson, Kerr — put him and the other Warriors in the perfect offense to take advantage of those skills.

And that is changing the game. Not every team can mimic what the Warriors are doing with small ball, and not every team should try. But a decade from now every team will use some of the philosophy and sets we’ve seen with the Warriors, and there will be great young players bringing some of what Curry showed them to the table.