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Nets security guard who made contact with Tucker has role reduced

It started with just less than 4:30 left in the third quarter of what became the Bucks’ Game 3 win: Kevin Durant came off a high pick, drove down to the free throw line, and pulled up for a shot, where the trailing P.J. Tucker fouled him. Tucker didn’t like the call, he complained, Durant said something, then quickly the two started to have words and they were nose-to-nose for a second before teammates stepped in and separated them.

Then a Nets security guard came barging in and made contact with Tucker, pushing him out of the way. Not just any Nets security guard, but reportedly Durant’s personal bodyguard.

That security guard will not work any more games in this series in Milwaukee, and for games in Brooklyn will not be assigned duty near the court, the NBA announced.

It is not unusual for team security to step in and separate players when things get heated, but team security is supposed to de-escalate a situation and take care of their own players, not push opposing players. This security guard did the opposite. Watch the video of the incident above and you can see Tucker turn his attention to the security guard and let him know he crossed the line.

Whether the security guard’s job is tied to protecting Durant solely, or primarily, or no more than anyone else is moot; he is in practice a Nets security guard who stepped in and made a situation worse. Good to see the league step in and take some action.