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No one is happy with the way the Mavs are ending their season...except for Dirk Nowitzki

The Dallas Mavericks are struggling right now, and there’s no way around that. The defense performance hasn’t improved with the additions of Brendan Haywood and Caron Butler, Jason Terry and Butler have each had plenty some trouble with their shooting, and the perimeter defense shifts from passable to deplorable. As of now, it’s not even certain the Mavs would be favored to win a first round series, much less make an extended run in the playoffs.

Dirk Nowitzki doesn’t mind the struggles. From Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News:

...on Tuesday when [Nowitzki] analyzed their situation - which has included three weeks of uneven, perhaps even sub-par, play - he saw a reason not for panic, but for opportunity.

In fact, he loves what he sees, which is five regular-season games that will be packed with pressure to perform.

“I always liked having something to play for at the end, having a good rhythm going into the playoffs and not have the seeding already done a month before and coast through,” he said. “So for me, it’s another perfect year, just like last year.”

You can’t blame Dirk for taking such a stance; the alternative strategy of coming into the playoffs at a walk and resting starters is considered to be one of the factors in 2007 that led to the Golden State Warriors’ epic first-round upset over Dallas. Needless to say those weren’t exactly fond memories for Nowitzki.

That obviously doesn’t mean Dallas won’t try to right the ship over their last five games. They have a lot they’d like to accomplish before the sun sets on the regular season, and maybe an incredibly abbreviated timeline will motivate a team that’s lacked a sense of urgency.