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Steve Ballmer screams like a maniac at Clippers rally

Steve Ballmer, Doc Rivers

Steve Ballmer, Doc Rivers


That’s just Ballmer being Ballmer

The Los Angeles Clippers held a rally for fans Monday afternoon at Staples Center, one designed to say this is a new era and introduce new owner Steve Ballmer to the fan base.

Well, that’s quite a first impression.

Ballmer spent 15 minutes basically screaming as loud as he had since he tried to sell Zunes (he’s the former Microsoft CEO, worth $20 billion). He promised the Clippers would be “HARDCORE” (you need to use all caps when describing a Ballmer rally) and got the crowd to chant “LARRY” as in O’Brien. The NBA Championship trophy. Ballmer promised more Larrys in the next 26 years than the last 26. So... one should cover that.

It was a completely whack, over the top performance. The players could barely suppress their laughter, watch them.

And still this is good for the Clippers.

Donald Sterling was an energy drain on the organization, staff tried to shield him from basketball operations and spent time worrying about when he would do something and they would have to go into damage control.

Ballmer is optimistic and energetic. Maybe to a fault. But if I’m a Clipper fan — or player — I will take that trade-off in a heartbeat.