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Tyreke Evans now coaching, too

The Sacramento Kings are now Tyreke Evans’ team. Might as well have him do the coaching as well.

Sam Amick notes the beginning of the takeover.

Nocioni and Evans exchanged words during an official timeout midway through the fourth quarter, with the rookie taking exception with the veteran’s play. Nocioni - who took just two shots in eight minutes through three quarters - took four shots in a span of 2 minutes, 44 seconds. He missed three of the attempts, with his final shot at the 8:39 mark an errant three-pointer that led to a Westbrook layup and six-point Thunder lead.

“We were in the game, and you come down and take bad shots?” Evans said of the situation. “That’s not team basketball. Coach didn’t say nothing, so I thought I had to step up (and say something).”

I, for one, welcome our new overlord, Tyreke Evans.

Things I want to see in a rookie of the year: Great play, check. Taking over games for his team, check. Showing leadership despite being a rookie, we can now check that one off the list, too.