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Welcome aboard ProHockeyTalk

Yes there was a huge Lakers/Nuggets tilt going on, but I kept flipping between it and the USA/Canada hockey game Sunday afternoon. And I taped the hockey game, so I could go back to it later.

I miss hockey. While I was always a hoops guy first I used to play ice hockey with a great group of friends, sponsored by a local sports bar where they would give us horrid Goldschlager shots every time we won. As if that was a reward. I sucked, mind you, I was the definition of pylon. But I had fun. Then I got married and all the fun was sucked out of my life one has to make sacrifices. Used to watch a lot more hockey too, but the whole “writing a basketball blog” gets in the way of watching much hockey.

But I’m still a fan. To be specific, I’m a Kings fan still pissed at Patrick Roy and Marty McSorley’s curved stick from 1993.

And that’s why I’m excited and proud to introduce you to ProHockeyTalk, the new sister blog to this one here at NBC. Covering everything hockey. Brandon Worley is already killing it over there with great hockey coverage.

You know after that game yesterday you were thinking of watching the Avalanche vs. Red Wings game tonight. Do that. And check out ProHockeyTalk, too.