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Why Turkey? Apparently Allen Iverson needed the money.


The sad sideshow that Allen Iverson has become came into our living rooms Sunday, with NBA TV broadcasting Iverson’s most recent game with the Besiktas Cola Turka Black Eagles. The result was limited minutes with and two points.

The whole thing leaves you wondering why. Why he couldn’t fit in with an NBA team? Why no team was willing to take another risk on him (although watching him play and seeing his attitude last year, you kind of get it)? Why he decided to go to Turkey in the first place?

The last question may have been answered by a fantastic piece written by the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Kate Fagan, who flew to Turkey to find out that not that many people in Turkey care about Allen Iverson. She ads this tidbit.

The 76ers’ former all-everything guard is broke - by all accounts except his own - and playing here in Istanbul for a number of reasons, none of which is to become an ambassador for Turkey’s solid, but often overlooked, professional league.

Iverson has made about $154 million in salary during his NBA career, plus he had multimillion dollar endorsement deals. He will make $4 million for two seasons in Turkey. It is certainly not impossible that he is broke, just sad.

But that is kind of how you end up here, at this point in the story. The odd and sad end of one of basketball’s most interesting and unique careers.