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Aaron Rodgers hopes getting his toe stepped on (again) won’t be a “major setback”

Despite the Rams' Cooper Kupp emerging as a possible candidate, Charles Robinson believes the NFL MVP will go to Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers felt great before Saturday’s game, with his toe not bothering him enough to require numbing. At halftime, it did. After the 24-22 win over the Browns, he addressed the situation, which included a teammate inadvertently stepping on his toe during the second quarter.

“This was the best I’ve felt in weeks,” Rodgers told reporters. “I did walk-throughs this week. Almost practiced on the Thursday, which was like a Friday. Didn’t get injection before the game. You know, was feeling really good. Then kind of got rolled up there at the end of the first quarter. Kind of got past that. Then got stepped on directly on the toe. And that’s when the pain was pretty intense. Took care of it at halftime and obviously felt better. We’re over six weeks past this now, so we’re hoping that it wasn’t a major setback tonight.”

Rodgers also said that he doesn’t have any other issues; he was asked based on his limping whether he may have also had a hip problem.

The toe will surely be a problem for weeks to come, until he has weeks to let it heal without being crammed into a cleat and then potential crushed or squished or twisted.