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Belichick “disappointed” that owners don’t want to pay for cameras


Patriots coach Bill Belichick has long advocated putting fixed cameras on the sidelines, goal lines and end lines in every NFL stadium, to give referees better replay angles when reviewing close calls. And Belichick isn’t happy that some owners say they don’t want to spend the money to pay for those cameras.

Asked about Giants owner John Mara’s statement that those cameras would be too expensive, Belichick sounded dismissive of such a claim.

“I was disappointed to hear that we can’t afford that, as a league,” Belichick said. “It was kind of surprising to hear that.”

There’s still a chance that Belichick’s proposal will pass, but Mara’s statement indicated that it’s unlikely. The NFL is a multibillion-dollar business, but the owners apparently don’t think adding some cameras is worth the cost.