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Brian Davis’s lawsuit over Commanders sale faces uphill climb

Mike Florio and Chris Simms outline the steps for buying an NFL team and credit Jim Irsay for voicing the fact it won’t be a quick process for Josh Harris potentially to buy the Commanders.

Brian Davis vowed in April that he would never sue if his effort to buy the Commanders fails. Instead, his company has.

The $500 billion lawsuit, which as noted by A.J. Perez of has curiously become a $990,000 lawsuit since then, has some preliminary issues that could doom it, sooner than later.

Perez outlines some of the problems with the lawsuit filed against Bank of America, which allegedly failed to submit the Davis offer to Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. Davis’s company, Urban Echo Energy, also claims that Bank of America has received $5 billion in bank drafts that it has refused to return.

Perez notes that a conference call on the case is set for 10:00 a.m. ET on Friday. Attorney Daniel Wallach recently forwarded to PFT a “letter-order” from the judge expressing concern regarding Urban Echo’s request for an emergency hearing before Bank of America has an opportunity to respond to the allegations.

The judge explains in the letter-order that Urban Echo does not need an immediate order requiring Bank of America to return the $5 billion in bank drafts in order to buy the Commanders, because another party has already entered into a contract to buy the Commanders.

There are other potential technical issues with the case, including whether a federal court in Maryland has jurisdiction over the situation.

Questions remain regarding the source of the $5 billion in bank drafts. If this litigation persists, answers likely will emerge.

The whole thing continues to make little sense. But it’s definitely entertaining.