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Jim Irsay pokes fun at Rex’s foot fetish

Jim Irsay

FILE - In this Jan. 24, 2010, file photo, Indianapolis Colts owner and Chief Executive Officer Jim Irsay waves after the AFC Championship NFL football game in Indianapolis. Irsay is not your typical NFL owner and more to the point, he’s nothing like his father who tore the Colts out of Baltimore in the dead of night and moved them to Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy, File)


In the wake of his wife’s series of foot videos that made their way to YouTube, Jets coach Rex Ryan probably expected to encounter some good-natured ribbing and/or some mean-spirited remarks from his own players, opposing players, other coaches, and/or fans.

He probably didn’t expect to be the butt of an owner’s jokes.

Colts owner Jim Irsay, who was once involved in a very personal and embarrassing off-field issue in the past, has made reference to Ryan’s, um, “agony of defeat” in a series of Twitter messages posted this evening.

“Feet fetishes started in Ancient Rome,” Irsay said in his first comments on the matter. “I think the King just got plain bored.” (Who knew Rome had a king?)

Irsay then said, “I’m gonna develop a fetish, sell Myself out to Deadsp. Or National Enq./and make’Lots of $$$$ and a G5'!!!!!...” (Whatever that means.)

“I know it’s a sin but I have a crush on Sara Palins feet....” Irsay said next.

More recently, Irsay said, “I’m being shut down by Commish for my Tweets! My Punishment: Solitary Confinement with Mel Kiper, Drew Rosenhaus and a Life insurance agent.” (OK, that one was pretty good.)

It remains to be seen whether Irsay is indeed shut down by the NFL. Surely, his Twitter comments are making one or more folks at 280 Park Avenue uncomfortable.